Trevor Dtizler

Trevor Ditzler

Miami, Florida

Trevor Ditzler is passionate about social justice, equity and building inclusive communities. His passion for educational equity is driven by his own experience attending Title One public middle and high schools as well as a family lineage of public school educators across California. His post-secondary education includes a BA from The University of California, Santa Barbara, an MA in War Studies from King's College London and an Educational Leadership MA from Columbia University (currently in progress). He thrives on reflective learning experiences and opportunities to forge connections or build substantive relationships.

Take Back NW 79th Street

This project will launch a dynamic, community-centric event to test innovative and diverse solutions to mitigate the negative effects of NW 79th Street, a busy auto-centric thoroughfare that bisects an under-resourced community in Miami. The event will create a space for government officials and police to positively interact with citizens and generate ideas for improving the safety and accessibility of the street. The event will feature cultural performances, music, bike safety obstacle course, interactive public feedback installations, and more.

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