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Our City Thoughts is a nonprofit organization aimed to help young people navigate and redefine their city through storytelling and digital media. We seek to empower young people to shine light on the innovations and challenges taking place in their communities, to create a new city narrative. In partnership with private and public organizations, we provide the tools to analyze, grasp, and share empowering stories. Our work focuses on igniting meaningful dialogue on social innovation, technology and conscious economic prosperity for millennials.

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city astronaut keys to unluck urban kindness cover copy708x443February 2016
In December, Binsen officially launched City Astronaut to much success and excitement from the community. City Astronauts is a micro-storytelling and public art project that encourages people to share thoughts and ideas about themselves, their neighbours, or their city. Here's how it works, in Binsen's own words:

"A team of City Astronauts ambassadors will give strangers small pieces of paper – what we're calling Keys to the City - that ask them to give a tip or advice on living a better life in their neighborhood. Sharing your favorite coffee shop or park could be a great act of urban kindness, as could providing a quote on ways to survive everyday life. It's up to you.

Across Miami-Dade County, on nine Miami Dade College campuses, colorful doors will be installed with the City Astronaut artwork. On the back of the doors will be small hooks where you can hang your finished Key to the City so all can read and explore your thoughts. Users will not only be part of the installation, but will become artist and storyteller.

city astronautThe City Astronaut emblem and graphic is designed to inspire a moment of mindfulness outside of everyday life. The hanging keys on the back of the doors are a collection that will invoke an internal and external conversation: Should I express kindness to strangers and would strangers express kindness to me? The goal is that in pondering this, the keys will enhance our understanding and deepen our appreciation for our community through written acts of urban kindness and knowledge sharing."
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The "keys" created by community members will be published at The project can be tracked through Instagram @CityAstronaut and on Twitter, Youtube, and Facebook.

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