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Often times, revitalization efforts in Detroit are limited to rebuilding the economy and businesses. Heal Detroit's vision is to restore the city by revitalizing the people from within. In order to expand and inspire positive change in Detroit, it is imperative that our local communities are provided accessible spaces to learn restorative and healing practices. Heal Detroit's mission is to provide a series of workshops, programs and skill shares designed by community healers to promote and teach holistic wellness practices to the community.

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ciarraFebruary 2016
In Fall 2015, Ciarra attended the Peace Revolution Fellowship Meditation Training Retreat in Thailand to gain skills and learn practices that she can bring back to Detroit communities. She returned home inspired by the training, and motivated to host a series of events to promote mindfulness and mental health. Peace on Demand will take place during one weekend in March, and feature training sessions led by one of the Buddhist monks Ciarra met at the Thai retreat.

The series will include workshops and presentations designed around the theme of cultivating personal peace in times of financial and social crisis. Ciarra's goal is to help at least 300 people meditate and participate in holistic wellness practices.

Heal Detroit: A Holistic Health Approach to Revitalization (Jun. 8, 2015)
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