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The Exhibition District is a wildly ambitious, artist-initiated effort to erect over 40,000 square feet of murals in the heart of downtown San Jose. We aim to curb graffiti, beautify streets, instill civic pride, and create a free, outdoor public art gallery of high quality murals. Igniting and stimulating these otherwise forgotten public spaces with artwork keeps artists employed, engaged, and local. Additionally, the physical nature of murals requires creatives to be on-site communicating and interacting with the community.

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Project Updates

erin muralErin has set an ambitious goal – to cover 40,000 square feet of blank, boring walls in downtown San Jose with vibrant, colourful murals. The organization is also a strong advocate for professional wages for artists working to beautify their city. This summer, the Exhibition District premiered its first wall mural, designed by local artist Mathew Scicluna. The mural "depicts a woman pressing a button that releases colorful cogs and streams, in a nod to the spirit of innovation at the Tech Shop and in Silicon Valley." The Exhibition District's third mural will be unveiled in early October. In other exciting news, the organization is now officially registered as a non-profit charity, which means it's never been easier to support their inspiring work.

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San Jose's Exhibition District Harvests Local Arts Economy (July 7, 2015)
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The painting's on the wall in San Jose (January 1, 2015)
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