The Emerging City Champions Studio equips participants with the tools they need to implement their own community projects.

The Studio includes site tours, workshops, and engaging presentations by city building experts. Interactive sessions provide an opportunity for each Champion to plan and develop his or her own project in a collaborative environment.

Travel expenses will be fully covered for the Emerging City Champions Studio. After the Studio, Champions return to their home city equipped with new knowledge, new tools and specific goals for the next 12 months.

Past presenters and workshop leaders have included:


Each day will focus on different elements of implementing a successful city building project. The curriculum is designed to support the Champions through each phase of their project - from idea development to evaluation:


June 15 

Champions arrive in Toronto


June 16 

Emerging Cities 101:
Thinking Big, Acting Small


June 17 

Getting to Work:
Project Planning
& Development


June 18 

Media & Communications:
Telling Your Story


June 19 

Moving from
Talking to Doing:
Project Implementation

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