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To build South Florida's first sustainability center that provides education, demonstrations and consumer options to help move the region towards resiliency. The center will house a zero packaging bulk food store, a teaching event kitchen, a learning demonstration food garden, an art and science residency program, an exhibition space and a youth classroom.

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colony1 model jayme gershenFebruary 2016
Blair and her team at the Art of Cultural Evolution have hosted a series events to build food skills and knowledge while they work towards their larger goal of building Colony1, "a community classroom, vegan kitchen, urban garden, bulk food store, and multifaceted facility."

The Lettuce Turnip the Beet Festival featured a raw lunch workshop, yoga, live music, and a class on how to make eco-friendly bubbles. The event was held once every month during the summer, and is continuing every quarter in the off-season.

Plans for the Colony1 building are moving forward as the group recently secured a capital development grant for the building. For more details about the project, click here

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Colony1 eco-friendly community to build sustainable 'living building' in wynwood
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Photo: Jayme Gershen


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