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The Macon QR Project seeks to better inform visitors and residents of the history contained in downtown Macon in an interactive way. Every historical building in downtown Macon would have a QR code posted outside on the building. Visitors and residents could walk right up to a building, scan the QR code, and receive the past & current history of the building. This project not only seeks to better inform visitors and residents of downtown Macon's history, but also to create more civic pride, and increase support for preservation and revitalization efforts.

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Project Update

downtown maconOctober 2016
David has shifted the focus of his project from self-guided, QR coded tours to walking tours that he will guide himself. He is continuing to collect stories about downtown Macon to share on the walking tours, which he plans to launch in summer 2016. He has also established a partnership with the American Institute of Architecture to collaborate on the tours. David will focus on the cultural and personal stories that make downtown Macon unique, while the AIA will narrate the history of the built environment.

Meanwhile, David was among three Emerging City Champions to be named as a finalist for the Knight Cities Challenge. David's idea is to develop an incubator space for entrepreneurs to provide a supportive and creative environment for people who want to establish businesses in downtown Macon.

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