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C.O.D.E. (Creating Our Destination Environment) on Mack intends to establish a community place that promotes unity, creativity and education for all. C.O.D.E. is a signifier for partnering projects that are happening along Mack including an installation of Detroit’s first bioswale, public art, and the growing of a biodiesel crop called pennycress. C.O.D.E. seeks to add productive advancement to the community by constructing an open stage with dynamic art as the backdrop and reinforced benches for seating. This will be the impetus for community gatherings, talent shows, theatrical productions, and educational forums for the resilient residents who still inhabit the neighborhood.

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Project Update

detroit fellows 640x390February 2016
Orlando and his team have been busy securing the necessary partnerships with diverse community stakeholders to establish a new public space on Mack Avenue. Despite challenges related to the ownership structure of the site, Orlando is aiming to launch a pop-up public space with benches and public art. The centrepiece of the space will be a stage for community members to host talent shows, town halls, and other performances.

July 2015
Orlando provided these thoughts on the Emerging City Champions Studio, which took place in June 2015 in Toronto, ON:

One of the greatest activities that we were tasked to do was to go in neighborhood called Yorkville and talk to residents, commuters, and business owners to hear their ideas of what would make Yorkville better. We were given some chalk, tape and reclaimed wood to take a stab at making some of the feedback a reality. Small things like creating a hop scotch course with sidewalk chalk got lots of attention from parents enjoying a day with their children. Another cool thing that we did was create a raceway up a rock hill with sidewalk chalk and people raced up the hill! It was a great exercise that promoted placemaking, community and fun!


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