Binsen Gonzalez

Binsen Gonzalez

Binsen J Gonzalez is a strategic counselor and storyteller at CMCP Group. He’s lead initiatives for Global Economic Forum thought leaders and rising tech companies. He is passionate about human quality of life. In 2014, PRISA one of the largest media conglomerates, selected Binsen as one of 20 Latino millennials poised to change the world.

Binsen founded Our City Thoughts, a nonprofit organization aimed to help young people navigate and redefine their city through storytelling and digital media. It seeks to empower millennials to shine light on the innovations and challenges taking place in their communities, to create a new city narrative.

The organization’s impact has been highlighted in the Miami Herald, Univision Radio, WLRN, NPR, The Business Journal, The Huffington Post, and CBS. In 2013 OCT became a Knight Foundation grantee. In 2015, OCT launched a key partnership with Miami Dade College, the largest institution of higher education in the United States. OCT has reached over a million digital impressions worldwide.

Binsen is a judge for the Voto Latino Innovation Challenge and has been involved with diplomatic media projects nationally and abroad, like Inspired by Iceland and City Year, Inc. He is an AmeriCorps and Emerson College Alum.

Project Summary: Helping young people navigate and redefine their city through Our City Thoughts, a storytelling and digital media platform designed to empower young people to shine a light on the innovations and challenges present in their communities.

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