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Strengthening Detroit communities through honest conversation and civic engagement. Detroit Dialogues is a monthly discussion group that aims to reshape the narrative around contemporary issues in Detroit. We invite subject matter experts to lecture on the topic at hand (i.e. race relations, etc.) and local artists to instruct art expression activities (painting, etc.). We believe passionately in the combined power of honest conversation, art expression and mobilizing people to take action as a means to heal and strengthen Detroit communities.

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February 2016
cornetta huffpoCornetta's work with Core City Stories earned her an invitation to the Speak Easy event, hosted by the Stanford University Institute of Design. The event brings together storytellers from across the country.

Cornetta is launching a community event in February to share the photos and stories she's collected over the past year.

The next Core City Stories tour is being planned for June or July this summer.

Cornetta was featured in an article about black millennials "helping Detroit make its comeback" (right).

November 2015
cornettaOn August 29, Cornetta launched Core City Stories, a biking and walking tour that lets participants learn about neighborhood history by listening to residents' stories. Her first bike tour attracted more than 40 participants. Cornetta's leadership also earned her a spot on a list of 11 "Black Millennials that are helping Detroit make its comeback." Due to strong community response, Cornetta will be hosting monthly bike tours in summer 2016, and several local bike-based businesses have offered to sponsor the project.

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