Michael Fichman

Michael Fichman

Philadelphia, PA

Michael grew up in Pittsburgh and lived in Philly for 16 years. He has an ecumenical professional background. He has over fifteen years of experience in the music industry as a DJ, producer, executive and promoter - having performed hundreds of shows worldwide and planned over a hundred live music events in Philly. He has a Master of City Planning degree from the University of Pennsylvania and do planning research for PennPraxis and Urban Spatial Analysis, LLC. Michael also has a background as a freelance journalist for Vice Media, The Philadelphia Weekly and other outlets.

Night life Public Forum

The project will feature a public forum and a series of private round-table discussions about regulatory and economic issues relating to nightlife arts and culture in Philadelphia. Such a discussion has not happened here, while other major world cities are beginning to explore progressive new ideas. This project is a miniature version of Michael’s documentary proposal that was a Knight Cities Challenge finalist in 2017. Discussions will focus on culture, public safety, cultural inclusion, affordability, global competitiveness, planning regulations, and more. They will be accompanied by a web presence to present and analyze news and new ideas.

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