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Alex Pemberton

2017 Champions   |   Wichita, KS

As the founder of Yellowbrick Street Team, lead fellow of League of Creative Interventionists – Wichita, and Director of Special Projects for Downtown Wichita, Alex Pemberton works to increase engagement through urban design interventions and creative placemaking. With the brain of a businessman and the heart of an artist, Alex finds fulfillment in connecting communities through creative interventions and participative public art. He believes infusing creativity and happenstance into the everyday experience of a city pays dividends both culturally and economically – a prerequisite for a vital city in the 21st Century.

Pop-Up Co-Op

Pop-Up Co-Op: A one-stop shop for materials and technical assistance for neighborhoods to execute tactical urbanism interventions. Organized by Yellowbrick Street Team, a 2017 Knight Cities Challenge finalist, Pop-Up Co-Op will maintain an inventory of WikiBlock designs, stencils, traffic control devices, placemaking items such as bistro sets and umbrellas, etc., to be loaned to community groups and neighborhood activists in order to lower the barriers to staging community-building, pop-up events. Pop-Up Co-Op will complement Yellowbrick’s soon-to-launch Neighborhood Partnering Program, built around technical assistance workshops guiding neighborhood changemakers through processes, introducing them to resources, and helping them execute creative interventions.