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Amir Naeem

2018 Champions   |   Charlotte, North Carolina

In the past five years of rigorous architecture schooling, Amir has grown his self-taught passion in film, music, and media production from simple hobbies to profiting skills. Although he wasn’t born or raised in Charlotte, Amir has always felt a strong attachment to the city mainly because of how it presents itself as a great canvas. Having lived for some time in various cities abroad, Amir believes that he holds an eclectic perspective on we could creatively bring Charlotte to a level where it will stand out when compared to the rest.


I want to implement a program where jukeboxes are placed at various public spaces in the city, allowing individuals to leave behind ideas on how that space or area could be improved. These jukeboxes will play music after the user gives some sort of input that responds to the area around them.

These jukeboxes can encourage people to become more engaged in civic conversations leading to them having a voice in how they can improve the city. A jukebox like this may provide a navigational feature that aids and directs users to favorable places to go based off user input left behind before them.

If the jukeboxes were placed along the new Light Rail line in Charlotte, it would be ideal for how long people generally spend at a stop, thus making active mobility more engaging and entertaining.