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Andy Renè Tran

2020 Champions   |   San José, CA

I am grateful to those who lessen suffering in the world. I wish to dedicate my time and heart in sharing their stories.

As a motion picture artist, documentarian, and social entrepreneur, I’m drawn to what drives people to overcome impossible odds. From documenting social entrepreneurs starting mobile homeless bus showers to a war veteran who spends his remaining days creating a ballet festival for the people, I’ve dedicated my lens to sharing stories that change lives.

I am thankful to those who has shaped my journey and dedicate the Storyboard Project to those who tell the San José Story.

SJ Storyboard

SJ Storyboard brings animated art and motion picture with projected digital canvases onto storefront and public spaces. The Storyboard Project provides opportunities for local artists and creatives to help tell the San José Story in downtown including film animation and live performance in support of the economic recovery. Thank you, Bertrand “Patron” Paule, the Artist who inspired and backed this project from Day 1.