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Anna Campomanes

2020 Champions   |   Lexington, KY

Anna is a multi-disciplinarian: she is a lifelong artist and designer, has worked in museums and libraries, spent five years as a horticulturalist at a local greenhouse and is budding herbalist. Adding to her worldview, she grew up a “military brat”, living everywhere and nowhere. Born to an Appalachian white mother and an immigrant Filipino father, she learned about working hard and integrating cross-cultural perspectives. Her perspective draws upon all these life experiences to create something truly unique. She values authenticity, curiosity, and openness.

Community Curated Mobile Museum

The Community Curated Mobile Museum’s goal is to recognize and elevate the unrecognized experts that live in a community. Experts that don’t necessarily have certifications or degrees or even a following, but have long and sustained self-education and observation of a particular subject. Which could range from a young child who has been watching a tomato plant grow over the summer, or a neighborhood elder who has watched their community gentrify over decades. The expertise from these Community Curators will then be distilled into a mobile museum exhibit that could pop-up anywhere in the city.