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Briana Mason

2019 Champions   |   Detroit

Engaging with a diverse range of clients including residents, stakeholders, non-profit organizations, and local officials, Briana Mason has been working to improve the quality of life for Detroiters. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from Howard University and a Master Degree in Urban Planning from Eastern Michigan University. She currently serves as a Urban Planner working in neighborhoods on Detroit’s West Side.

She has a passion to create beautiful and inclusive cities and truly feels that there is no other path as rewarding as this one.

Reviving Dexter

“Reviving Dexter” builds off of a yearlong planning process with residents in the Russell Woods + Nardin Park neighborhoods. New development will not happen on Dexter Avenue overnight and residents are eager for positive change in their neighborhood on commercial corridors.

Residents have so many memories of the Dexter corridor and would like them to be brought to the surface. By programming the vacant lots on Dexter Ave it will create a beacon of new and old memories for residents all while bringing positive attention to the area and potential business owners. Possible programming recommended so far by the community includes healthy food options, food trucks, and music/festivals. We would also utilize a local artist, Dabls to do one art related project with residents. This work would be carried out by two visioning sessions.