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Chris Medina

2020 Champions   |   Miami, FL

Chris Medina is a community advocate, artist and law student with a passion for environmental and social justice. Through his organization GoneMIA – a Miami-based creative collective dedicated to convening and supporting local artists whose work addresses local issues – Chris embraces the social value of the arts to raise awareness of, spark dialogue about, and inspire community action on pressing social and environmental challenges affecting South Floridians.

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow is a pop-up public art exhibition that rallies the residents of the city of Hialeah and greater Miami area around local environmental issues. Through genuine and committed collaboration with local artists, businesses, nonprofits and municipal government, we seek to build community cohesion and inspire collective action on the climatic challenges our beautiful city faces. Attendees of this event will be able to see Hialeah the way that we see it: A place with rich cultural heritage, creative talent and artistic history, and – if enough people take action – an even richer future.