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Christine Edwards

2018 Champions   |   Charlotte, North Carolina

Christine is a local government professional with an interest in community outreach and development. As the Community Relations Coordinator for Mecklenburg County, she works to facilitate direct interactions between County staff and the community to civic engagement. Christine is a longtime Charlotte resident and loves everything Charlotte. In her spare time she volunteers, travels, enjoys good southern food and loves seeing urban policy theory play out in everyday life. Public service is her jam.


Amplify is a boxed toolkit and event series operating at the intersection of activism and civic engagement to make it easier to interact with Charlotte’s local government. This project has three tracks: Voice, Representation and Change.

Leveraging information we already have, we will stock the box with frequently dialed numbers and websites based on each Amplify track and based on community input. These toolkits will be distributed in key areas like regional libraries, and city facilities where people access services. Amplify toolkits will also pop up at preexisting city meetings and public forums, essentially gathering information all in one place; breaking down engagement silos. Additionally, toolkits will pop up at social events like food truck Fridays, markets, and festivals to engage people where they’re at. At Amplify events, residents will be connected to local change-makers and activists who have used their voices in the past to get things done.