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Christine Joy

2020 Champions   |   Philadelphia, PA

My mission in life is to empower people, especially women, via personal transparency and collaboration. I am a mother to an incredible little boy. Professionally, I work as a Case Management Coordinator at a social service agency in Philadelphia, and am the founder of Purple House Project PA Inc., a non-profit focused on intimate partner violence. In between, I write articles about my experiences being visually impaired. I believe that if I saw what other people saw, I would do what other people do. I am a catalyst whose dreams defy societal norms and encourage others to follow their own.

Urban Oasis

Purple House Project PA Inc. plans to connect with a local women’s shelter to create a community garden that will be an oasis. Community members will be apart of each stage of the development and implementation process. Community members will have the opportunity to participate in holistic healing programs at the oasis.