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Darion Edding

2020 Champions   |   Akron, OH

Darion is an Akron native who has volunteered with several organizations in the area. He works for the Ohio and Erie Canalway Coalition (OECC) as a place maker and groundskeeper. With a passion for his local community, Darion loves to make a positive change in people’s lives and working at the Coalition provides him that opportunity. Additionally, he is working full time while studying business management at Stark State in Akron. Outside of working with the OECC Darion spends his time working on art in many different forms, including videography, literary arts, musical art, and visual arts.

Guided Canoe Trips

The Guided Canoe Trips are given as a part of the Akron Civic Commons Initiative and Let’s Grow Akron, to bring residents and visitors to the Summit Lake area in contact with Summit Lake. This unique opportunity allows people the chance to explore Summit Lake via canoe. Those who register to canoe are taken out on Summit Lake by an experienced canoeist and given a brief oral history of the Summit Lake area, the lake itself, and the wildlife found in and around the lake while learning to canoe. This is done with the hope of creating a deeper connection between the community and the lake, dispelling myths, and to create an opportunity for social and economic diversity using this civic asset.