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Dena Ferrara Driscoll

2018 Champions   |   Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Over the past decade, Dena has held leadership and fundraising positions at several nonprofits in Philadelphia including Smith Playground, Elfreth’s Alley, and Bartram’s Garden, giving her a unique perspective on how our public spaces are often historic sites that have seen reinvention by communities over the generations for modern uses.

Her work in championing a better city also aligns with her commitment to alternative transportation and urban parenting. She founded Kidical Mass PHL, was a founding member of Open Streets PHL, and is Co-Chair 5th Square. Dena holds a M.A. in Museum Education from University of the Arts and a B.A. in History from LaSalle University.

South Street Action Tank

Working towards equitable and resilient Philadelphia isn’t easy. We understand to promote good planning, better transportation, and good governance we must develop the leadership of individual advocates & build coalitions with other organizations within diverse communities working toward the same goals. We are in the process of developing a temporary (3-6 months) storefront to serve as an ‘action tank’ to explore persistent challenges Philadelphia faces, & build relationships with allies.

The storefront on South Street will be a public space that allows visitors a place to incubate ideas, talk through problems, and emerge as advocates for issues they care about. We’re not selling a product but focusing on research, public engagement, education, and advocacy around issues like safer streets for walking and biking, improving public transportation, and changing the conversation on planning and housing. Even when we’re closed, we envision work spilling out with tactical urbanism projects and a parklet to showcase what is possible on our streets.