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Ebony Welch

2020 Champions   |   Philadelphia, PA

Ebony Welch is a creative artist and educator from Bristol, PA. Once she completed her M.Ed from Temple University, she committed to supporting marginalized communities from an educational lens. Her thesis focused on using photo-voice to analyze how young folks capture their lived experiences. Throughout her time in Philadelphia she has been inspired to utilize her own art to inspire folkd to create counter narratives about their spaces and communities via projects and photo essays such as, 12PLUS fellows blog, Kensington Voice features, and Oh Snaps: How youth of color analyze their own lives, which is funded by the Leeway Foundation.

Strange Fruit

Ultimately, my project idea would expand our photo voice project to the communities surrounding our partner schools with the goal of incorporating more community members and display their work utilizing a placemaking approach. Photographers such as Tyler Mitchell and Gordon Parks have utilized laundry lines as poetic symbols and reference to proverbial domestic space in relation to Blackness and community. By using different fabrics that vary in texture and color, we would display installations of these photographs throughout places in the community to ultimately return the subject matter back to the original source, the community.