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Emily Montgomery

2018 Champions   |   Grand Forks, North Dakota

As a lifelong farmer and artist, Emily believes in the unique power of the arts to create positive social change – even in conservative, rural communities like Grand Forks, North Dakota. As Executive Director of the Empire Arts Center, she has been at the helm of arts and facility projects that have pushed the boundaries of what our community thinks is possible. She is currently obtaining her Masters in Public Administration from the University of North Dakota with an emphasis in social enterprise.

Art Avenue

An interactive 24/7 art installation will be placed temporarily in the Empire Arts Center’s poster cases on Demers Avenue. A local artist will create the art using a participatory process, hopefully in a pop-up art studio on the sidewalk and/or in the adjacent alleyway. The art installation will be interactive, incorporating physical and digital aspects to encourage engagement with the art and with each other.