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Erika Guadalupe Nunez

2017 Champions   |   Philadelphia, PA

Erika is a queer immigrant, artist, and community organizer for immigrant rights in Philadelphia. After emigrating from Mexico at a young age, Erika remained undocumented until receiving her green card in 2013. As a result, Erika’s visual art pays homage to her culture and upbringing while simultaneously serving as a tool for social change. As a community organizer, she has spearheaded and facilitated local and national campaigns to demand rights for the immigrant community. Through both her public art and local activism, Erika continues to engage in current issues of human mobility with youth, policymakers, and the general populace.

Juntos Creators

Juntos Creators is a community art project that seeks to unite diverse immigrant communities living in South Philadelphia across linguistic and cultural barriers by increasing access to artistic and cultural resources. Facilitated by bilingual artists, community members will learn art making methods through lessons focused on honoring the various cultures represented in the neighborhood. Additionally, interested youth from each community will have the option of entering a stipend screen-print training program as a means of alternative workforce development. The goal of the project is twofold: to connect participants through artistic expression and their shared experiences while also empowering individuals to create a narrative over which they have agency. Works will be shared through pop-up celebrations in local community spaces and public parks.