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Iliana Dominguez-Franco

2020 Champions   |   Philadelphia, PA

Iliana is a community organizer in Philadelphia and a Los Angeles native. She is a Salvadoran-American who was the first in her family to get a Bachelor’s degree and is now working on a Masters of Education with a focus on policy at Temple University. Iliana believes that shared knowledge and accessible educational tools are catalysts to sustainable organizing and change. She believes in the power of having access to information and developing a collective understanding of how systems are working against communities to develop strategies that are simultaneously addressing a history of systemic injustice and prioritizing how communities choose to move forward.

Envisioning Brick and Mortar

Envisioning Brick and Mortar is the second year of an organizing and educational engagement process around development and displacement in North Philadelphia. The project hones in on access to information on how and why development has happened the way it has in the community and choice on how to move forward. Community teach-ins will continue to demystify enigmatic, inaccessible processes, policies and strategies that shape housing development to increase leadership in shaping the future of the community. Neighbors will also be able to circulate messaging about displacement through the use of art workshops such as pop-up screen printing and creating tire sculptures.