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Jacqueline Porter

2017 Champions   |   Tallahassee, FL

Since moving to Tallahassee to study philosophy in 2011, Jacqueline has fallen in love with the city and established herself as a passionate community builder. Her experience, including serving as an appointed commissioner on the Leon County/Tallahassee Commission on the Status of Women & Girls and as a graduate student in public administration, have sharpened her skills and capacity to influence change to engage communities. Jacqueline is energized by confronting difficult problems and meeting needs, and her passion to celebrate, energize, and engage Tallahassee.

Thrive Tallahassee

“Thrive Tallahassee” is a series of two neighborhood meals that will be hosted in underutilized, historically significant spaces. Each meal will be hosted by a Tallahassee neighborhood and cooked by the community using locally grown, seasonal produce during a community led cooking class. Meals will highlight each host’s unique history and local foods, with the goal of celebrating under-served Tallahassee communities and to encourage action across professional disciplines addressing local food inequality through innovative and neighborhood-led efforts. Communities will learn about local food growing and cooking options and receive support to take local action to improve food inequality in the area.