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Jason Su

2016 Champions   |   San Jose

Jason Su is the street life project manager for the San Jose Downtown Association, where he leads and implements various art, construction, and advocacy projects. In his time, downtown has seen a proliferation of art crosswalks, murals, a pedestrian count program, and the Knight Cities Challenge grant for a retail incubator on the ground floor of a parking garage. He has given presentations on the art of placemaking and best practices in urban design.

Previously, he worked in streetscape project management with the City of San Francisco on the award-winning Castro Streetscape Improvement Project, and in strategic planning and research with the City of Oakland and SPUR. He earned his Master of Urban Planning from San Jose State University and Bachelor of Arts degrees in business economics and sociology from the University of California, Irvine, and is currently pursuing a Certificate in Landscape Architecture from the University of California, Berkeley Extension. He sits on the board of the American Planning Association, Northern California Section as their Young Planners Group director.

Additionally, he is a social justice and civic activist, arts enthusiast, sketcher, student, hiker, former hip hop dancer, unsuccessful gym rat, proud Californian, and all-around urban druid.

Fountain Gallery-Alley

The community project, Fountain Gallery-Alley, will transform a problematic alleyway in downtown San Jose to an experiential destination through the use of installation art, street paint, murals, lighting, and other street life interventions. Currently plagued with antisocial behavior, the project will convert the space to be a reflection of civic pride and an opportunity to explore the city’s identity in the public realm. The Fountain Gallery-Alley will become a public arts incubator and model for alleyway activation.