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Josy Jones

2018 Champions   |   Akron, OH

Josy Jones is an actor, director and playwright originally from Cleveland, Ohio. In 2015 Josy started a theatre group, The Chameleon Village Theatre Collective, to bring site-specific theatre to Macon, Georgia and provide artists with an outlet for exploration. Josy thinks theatre serves as a catalyst for the voices of the unheard and has dedicated her journey to finding those connections.

Reimagining the Village

My passion for new work and using underutilized space are the foundation of my idea: Reimagining the Village. I plan to conduct a site-specific “class” where I would select a few members of a community to walk around their neighborhood and reimagine their space with stories connected to them. I would then assist them in creating original, short plays that happen in those spaces and conduct a live, site-specific theatre tour through the neighborhood.

Reimagining the Village would highlight the beauty of those spaces, allow both residents and other Akronites to reimagine those spaces and their potential, encourage neighborhood exploration, reshape the narrative of the individuals who live in Cascade Village and provide residents with the tools to reshape their community’s narrative.