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Justin Pinn

2020 Champions   |   Miami, FL

Justin Pinn believes that his mission and calling in life is to ensure opportunity, equity, and access for all. After obtaining his undergraduate degree from Georgetown University, Pinn, a first-generation college graduate, relocated to Miami as a TFA Corps Member, teaching secondary science. Currently, Justin serves as the head of the Alumni programming at TFA Miami-Dade where he supports and develops the leadership of 600+ TFA Leaders with opportunities to accelerate our impact towards One Day in Miami-Dade. Lastly, Justin serves as a board member of the following community organizations: Cristo Rey Miami, Engage Miami, and Miami EdTech.

TFA Miami-Dade Advisory Board Project

The TFA Miami-Dade Advisory Board Project seeks to bolster civic participation and help solve the persistent advisory board vacancies within local governments by activating the talent and leadership of local leaders. This project will ensure at least 100 committed leaders are recruited to join and serve on advisory boards in Miami-Dade. Prospective advisory board applicants will apply via an online portal and have their application matched with advisory board vacancies based on public records. A project coordinator would act as a liaison to ensure each leader is properly matched and confirmed as an advisory board member.