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Lucila Chavez

2019 Champions   |   San Jose

Lucila Chavez is the first generation immigrant and the first in her family to get a Bachelor’s degree. Her major was in Psychology degree with a minor in Biology to better understand people she interacts with and herself. She is a community activist who started the Chicks in Bowls San Jose-CA chapter, a group of roller skaters that encourages and empowers women to conquer their fears of the skate park and its male dominated culture in order to shred the bowls. As well as giving power to the female roller skating mass. For her day job, she works for Abode Services as a social worker for the chronically homeless at the first of its kind type of housing at Second Street Studios for permanent supportive housing. During her off time, she is working to reintroduce the rooted history of skateparks in San Jose and to reignite the culture and care that it deserves.

Welcoming SkateParks

We are revitalizing the neglected skatepark of Plata Arroyo. We will create a welcoming skatepark for all ages and identities to enjoy, specifically aiming to encourage women to come. It is creating a public space for people to feel like they belong by creating programs and community led murals along the central buildings, decorative lights along the perimeter and to implement guerilla art and community. This park is used as gang-territory and the hood handout for the nomadic locals.

It started from learning how to roller skate at the skatepark to collaborating with other female roller skaters on how to improve our skills. We grow together as we venture onto the skateparks, but the only circumstance that prevents us from owning our own space is the men who are already taking up the space. This project idea stems from that concept of inclusivity and building self-confidence. It is creating a welcoming skatepark that will feel as if anyone can join. This project idea will first start at the skatepark and then stretch its way to enhancing the overall park itself. This project idea will be a stepping stone into other projects that will be implemented from Chicks in Bowls San Jose-ca chapter and the seven skateparks of San Jose. We have adopted this skate park specifically and want to expand the possibilities of what they can become.