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Marlo Custodio

2015 Champions   |   Detroit

Marlo Custodio is a director, producer, cinematographer, editor, and educator. His seasoned background as a social justice documentary filmmaker has allowed him to have a signature vision on innovative and entertaining work through different markets and target audiences.

He is currently the Digital Arts Coordinator for the Underserved & Gifted and is currently teaching film, photography, and poetry for incarcerated youth at community schools through the Santa Clara County Board of Education.

Project Summary: Showcasing the accomplishments of everyday heroes to support small businesses while promoting community pride in San Jose neighborhoods through an interactive video project that will be displayed in public places.

By Any Media Necessary (BAMN) Squad

I want to stimulate the branding & embracement of my city’s identity by highlighting everyday hero accomplishments, celebrating innovation, & bridging diverse communities to stimulate small businesses while raising morale in San Jose neighborhoods. Living in the digital age, any artist or organization can upload their work online however what I want to do is create public digital new media art & strategically display it in busy streets & neighborhoods for a direct human interaction, presence, & connection.

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