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Matthew Quevedo

2018 Champions   |   San Jose, California

Matthew Quevedo is a lifelong resident of the City of San Jose. In his professional life, he works as the Senior Associate for Housing, Transportation and Community Engagement at the Silicon Valley Leadership Group. In this role, Matthew works with leaders in both the private and public sector on Transportation and Housing policies that support the valley’s continued success.

Outside of work, Matthew enjoys his community work with the San Jose Downtown Residents Association and works with residents and community organizations to make San Jose a thriving community. Matthew resides in San Jose with his wife A’Dreana and son James.

Our History, Our Story – San Jose

Communities, like people, have a story to share. Their history is what makes them who they are or what they are. Each City has a story worth discussing. What are the stories within San Jose that are not generally known but have lessons for what we are experiencing today?

Through “Our History, Our Story – San Jose”, I hope to bring out these unique stories from San Jose’s history to engage with residents so they can find meaning in the place they live. By connecting people with these stories, we can create a more engaged community that will seek to expand on the stories from our past and create new stories and opportunities for our future. Through this, we can create strong communities that are connected and more willing to work together.