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Nancy Cleveland

2019 Champions   |   Macon

Nancy Cleveland earned her B.S. in Advertising from Syracuse University. Although, raised in New York, she was born in Macon, GA, and re-located there in 2014. She manages the Community Foundation of Central Georgia’s day-to-day advertising, media relations and e-communication activities. In addition, she works with the development department on a variety of projects, including providing marketing support to component funds. She is an active volunteer in her neighborhood and a graduate of Historic Macon Foundation’s Leadership Institute and the 2018 Leadership Macon Class. When she’s not hard at work, she can be found with friends, traveling or playing with her dog, Duchess.

Head Space: Destigmatizing Mental Health

I would like to make taking care of your mind modern and accessible in Macon, GA. It is still a taboo and stigmatized topic of discussion and therapy options are not well known or publicized. A Mental Health Gym Pop-up in Macon will give people the opportunity to try out therapy, learn techniques to manage stress and other mental illnesses at different workshops, and lastly, sit back and unwind in a dedicated quiet space area. The world has walk-in clinics and fitness centers for physical health, this is a dedicated space for mental health and wellness. People who participate will be able to find a therapist or just find out if therapy is right for them, and attend guided workshops where you’ll learn how to gain control of your emotions for better well being.

Committing to therapy, especially if you’ve never seen a therapist before, can be difficult. This event will help reduce stigma and make therapy more accessible. It will be open to anyone interested in better understanding themselves and their mental health.