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Xia Xiong

2019 Champions   |   St. Paul

Xia is a young Hmong community artist in the Twin Cities Metro area. She earned her degree in Mass Communications from the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities. Xia currently works in Human Resources for a Home Health Care agency providing support to people with disabilities. She is passionate about working with marginalized communities, including her own Hmong community. On her free time, she enjoys staying engaged by attending public events and supporting local businesses and spaces.

The Digital Story Cloth

My Project Idea is to create the Digital Story Cloth, a podcast that facilitates conversations to strengthen a collective understanding of Hmong history, culture, identity and experiences in the 21st century. The Podcast will have three seasons. Season one will focus on educating the Hmong community, about Hmong history, culture, and traditions. Season two will focus on identifying current social, mental health and economic issues prevalent in the Hmong community. The podcast will provide a space to address the challenges that all members of the Hmong community–young, old, etc.–experience today. The final season will be on the possibilities for the Hmong community moving forward. We will facilitate open and honest conversations about what we can do collectively to help support and lift up our community, how we can honor the past, bridge understanding of the present and elevate the future so that the Hmong can thrive and excel for generations to come.